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Making Decisions does not Suffice for Minimal Cognition

(2008) Keijzer, Fred

A reaction to Randall Beer’s paper in the same issue. The problem addressed by Beer is to develop a dynamical model of minimally cognitive behavior. An often heard criticism is that the models used by him and others in this field do not really exhibit cognition, as they are too simple. As a remedy Beer focuses on decision making, a clearly cognitive task. My worry with Beer’s model is that it may not classify as minimally cognitive for another reason. From an embodied perspective perception-action provides the key feature for anything cognitive, and one may wonder whether this model does exemplify perception-action relations to a sufficient degree. The problem is that we hardly have any good criteria on this count, just intuitions. The paper picks up on a theme from Some armchair worries about wheeled behavior (1998), see also Principles of minimal cognition (submitted).


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